We intentionally keep our business the size that allows us to keep quality what the owners and customers would expect it to be. Our two crew leaders each have more than 10 years experience with our company. The major drawback of going with a company with a fleet of trucks and crews is that you will likely get someone who was hired just last week or last month. Therefore, they have little true experience on the job. Also, the real #1 job of a fleet crew is “sales”. Despite low initial price quoting, they will be leaving the job with a much higher overall price than we do when the job is done! After all, their principal job is sales. Ours is cleaning/service! What we quote you on the phone is what you will pay, period.

Generally the answer is every seven years. But consider a large family with many children and perhaps a pet. Add to the mix many playmates and the doors to the house open and close many times a day. Dust and pollen enter and are tracked in. This might increase the frequency to just two or three years . Another extreme would be a retired couple with no pets. Perhaps they even keep the windows closed most of the time. This extreme might push that time frame to ten or eleven years. It goes without saying that people with increased allergy sensitivities might want cleaning to be more frequent.

In this business model, clearly there is no profit built into this price point if it remains unchanged. The cleaning technician is necessarily a salesman and must create ways to increase the overall sale. The ways that are commonly used are: trunk lines cost an additional $50-$150 each and you have multiple trunk lines. Cold air returns, beyond what’s on the coupon, are $50 each . “We’ve discovered mold in your system and it’s going to cost you to remediate it”. “We can clean your AC coil”. This usually means they will cut a hole in the sheet metal and spray in a product which cannot remove hair (one of the primary contaminants on dirty coils). Only a certified HVAC Tech should service your coil! (1 pinhole leak could cost $1,600 in repairs. We recommend Monarch HVAC which does these for only $89).

Yes. We don’t mind showing you the pics that actually guide us as we work. These show us that corner of a rectangular trunk line we need to keep going after until we’ve got it all. Stubborn pieces of original construction debris? We find it and bring it out. Feel free to look over our shoulder as we work and see our progress. We don’t mind.

Generally, once per year. While a vent may run relatively clear at that 1 year mark, we still recommend the cleaning because lint build can upon itself rapidly. Vertical dryer ducts may require sooner, because moist lint is fighting gravity to be expelled.

Unfortunately, no. Unfortunately, we get at least 5 of these calls per month. If you’ve purchased a DIY kit, you’ll assemble, insert and rotate the brush in the duct. Next, you would add sections while rotating the ever-lengthening push-rod. One of three things can happen next. 1) The stiff rod and brush assembly can push a duct elbow off its straight section. Now you have a separation in your ceiling or wall space. You’ll need to call a handyman or contractor to open up the wall. 2) The brush gets stuck and you cannot retrieve it. At this point, many people twist the rod back and forth. But by twisting the rod the wrong direction, they unscrew the rod from the stuck brush. (frequently the brush finds or creates a small opening and gets caught like a fish hook) 3) If the lint build up was significant, the brush can push and compact the lint, rather than removing it.

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