air duct cleaning

Why is it that we sometimes have a harder time breathing inside our home than outside? Essentially, the answer is because we live in boxes. Dust, allergens and other contaminants make their way in through windows and doors, but they don’t ever make their way out. So they are sucked into our ventilation system and accumulate throughout the duct runs, trunk lines and air handler of the furnace. Over time, the particulate counts become higher inside the home than outside.

There are two primary processes used by duct cleaners today. The first one uses rotating brushes. We previously used this method but we set brushes aside over 15 years ago (there were significant reasons for this). We now use both Negative Air and high pressure air scrubbing, utilizing the Push Pull Method. We have found this to be a much more effective method for the systems used in Utah homes. If you’d like to discuss the technical reasons for this upgrade give me us a call.

We don’t mind showing you the pics that actually guide us as we work. These show us that corner of a rectangular trunk line we need to go after until we’ve got it all. Stubborn pieces of original construction debris? We find it and bring it out.