Why Beehive Duct Cleaning?

Homes are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and mold, which affects you and your family. They collect in air ducts that then get dispersed throughout your home via your vents. However, with our air duct cleaning service, we take the time to eliminate these harmful pollutants, so they stop affecting your family and your pocket book.

We spend half the year inside our homes, so it only makes sense that we keep our air purified as much as possible. With Beehive Duct cleaning, our staff installs an effective UV air purification system that eliminates viruses and bacteria, allergens, mold, and more from your air. Clean air reduces allergies and helps prevent the transfer of the cold and flu virus. With our low price, we can restore clean air to your home immediately.

Did you know that a clogged dryer vent will eventually cause a dryer fire? You may not realize a dirty dryer vent can be a fire hazard, But when the vent congests with lint and backs all the way to your igniter or causes components to fail in the machine, you can have a fire.

We have been serving the Salt Lake, Summit, Utah Counties and surrounding areas since 1998 and take pride in the level of quality we offer to our customers. Allow us the opportunity to impress you. To make an appointment, give us a call at 801-947-0800 or visit our contact us page



Why is it that we sometimes have a harder time breathing inside our home than outside? Essentially, the answer is because we live in boxes. Dust, allergens and other contaminants make their way in through windows and doors, but they don't ever make their way out. So they are sucked into our ventilation system and accumulate throughout the duct runs, trunk lines and air ....


Beehive Duct Cleaning is Utah’s number 1 dryer vent cleaning service. cleaning about 2,000 dryer vents per year. Among these are single family homes, HOAs and apartment communities. The primary cause of dryer failure and one of the primary causes of house fires is the lack of maintenance of the dryer exhaust duct. The filter screen in your dryer will not catch 100% of the lint....


UV air purification is available for installation by our staff. These systems are highly effective for the elimination of viruses, bacteria, mildew and mold spores and have dramatically aided customers who suffer from allergies. This aids in preventing the transfer of colds and flu as well. Frequently, doctors will recommend these to those suffering from suppressed immune system conditions. These systems ....


One of the biggest benefits of consulting Beehive Duct & Vent Cleaning is enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Air that has fewer mold spores, pollutants, dust and allergens contributes to overall better health. You may suffer from a loss of sleep because of allergies and bacteria or spore-borne illnesses, which promote poor health and contribute to a decrease in productivity and the enjoyment of daily activities.

Many cleaning supplies, cigarette smoke, and even many air fresheners can pollute the air with harmful particles. Making a call to Beehive Duct & Vent Cleaners will eliminate the problem and allow you and your family to enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle